**ALL U CAN SK8, Early Bird & Punch Passes will need to be purchased first before selecting FS Sessions**

STEP 1: Login or Create an Account
STEP 2: Select package & complete transaction
!!Logout and select REGISTRATION to begin reserving FS Sessions.

Monthly Packages & Punch Passes run from the first day to the last day of the purchased month.  Packages & Passes are non-transferable and non-refundable.  Once a Punch Pass or a Monthly Package has been purchased, the sessions are added to the Account Holders account.  Account Holders will then need to visit the REGISTRATION / Freestyle Sessions page to reserve FS sessions skater.  Skaters will NOT be listed on check-in sheets until specific sessions have been reserved for that skater.  Packages expire the last day of the month.  Punch Passes expire after all sessions have been reserved OR by the end of the month.  FS Sessions do NOT need to be reserved at time of purchase.                                                

NOTE: Your purchased Package & Punch Pass FS Sessions do NOT have to be reserved at the time of payment. You may login at any time and use your purchased sessions / punch passes to build your monthly schedule.

*Warning* Skaters will NOT show up on the check-in sheets until specific sessions have been reserved, regardless of Package or Pass purchases.

**Warning** FS Sessions may fill up. A waiting list is available.